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Help for carburetor adjustments

09 Jul 2015, 23:01

Hello Everyone,

I am Olivier, i am french and live in Riga.
I have an old 21013 of 1986 that i am repairing.

I changed the carburator recently, i have a 2105 carburator now.
since i changed it i have problem to start the car, i noticed that i have to empty the carburetor of gas each time i want to start the car. if i dont do that the car doesnt start. And one more thing, if i dont accelerate the engine stop.
I tried to adjust it a bit today but i think i did worst that it was before.
Would someone could help me with that?
By mail explaining me what to do or even in real with the car?

Thanks for your kindness.

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Re: Help for carburetor adjustments

10 Jul 2015, 00:11

Hello Oliver,

I can help you with carburetor adjustments,for a few euros(maybe more).
I live in Plavnieki,lielvardes street.We can meet some evening for regulation.
Call me if you are interested.25/95,.6.836.

Reali man slikti angliski sanak :mrgreen: jo nav ar ko un kur treneties :roll:
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Re: Help for carburetor adjustments

10 Jul 2015, 08:43

Nešausminies, Миша, vari mierināt sevi ar apziņu, ka vairums francūžu angliski
runā nesalīdzināmi sliktāk. Tamais Olivers (Olivjē?) arī nav nekāda dāvana. :D
Bet par to degvielas trūkumu karburatorā man pat idejas nav... :(
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Re: Help for carburetor adjustments

10 Jul 2015, 10:18

Hi Oliver,

There is not much info in English about VAZ cars and repairs but check page 46 in this link: ... _Part1.pdf
You have pretty similar carburetor(2105) like in the repair manual (2107), so you can do some check-ups and repairs by yourself. If it doesn't work out, call Миша. :)